August 2, 2010
8: 40 PM


Driven by saturation, he sits on a spot and shuts his eyes. He forgoes food and water for days together. People gather around to witness this self-torturing act. His beard burns, bones protrude, and face turns black. Blisters appear all over his body, as the heat keeps invigorating. People couldn’t near his boiling body. The fire within him slowly transforms into a flame. Suddenly, he gets lit. He becomes the flame. The illumination intensifies. The flame spreads rapidly as people flee the city that has been breeding sin forever. ‘You can run but you can’t hide’ – it growls. Eventually, the whole world gets burnt. There are no traces of life. No more filth exists. But, the ominous flame continues to glow on that spot, ready to burn anything that evolves anymore.



  1. Dan | 1st Sep 10


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