August 4, 2010
10: 20 PM


He loved to walk straight ahead. He constantly complained about the shortcuts people take. His grumble was suddenly heard. As he was walking, he came across a tunnel. Near the entrance, there was an old signboard reading, “This tunnel will lift your spirits”. Without a doubt in mind, he paced in. Initially, it was interesting but gradually grew to be very tiring. The more he walked, the colder it got. Although some light could be seen at a painful distance, it seemed elusive, and the tunnel kept stretching forever. His pace reduced and gradually came to a stop. Completely drubbed by the walk, he gave up the journey. There was a door on the side reading, “Shortcut to Exit. Enter at your own risk”. “Come what may”, he mumbled and kicked the door open. As he rushed out in relief, he slipped over and fell straight into the void. The long tunnel inclined to reach the top of the world was still remaining unexplored.


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