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Theatre History: September 2010

Bullock Cart – 5

Create Your Own Mirror

I go into a changing room in a shop and find that the mirror reflects me differently with regard to shape, size, and texture – different from what the mirror at home reflects. In a changing room in another shop the mirror reflects me differently too – different from the other …

Bullock Cart – 4


When Mr. Bull visited my home, he found me searching for something. It was just after I had my meal. He asked me if I was searching for a tranquil place to sleep in. But I said I was searching for a toothpick.

“I lost it, I need it badly”.

“What’s in a toothpick? …

Bullock Cart – 3

The Man Who Did Not Become a Robber

Mr. Bull and I were having a cup of coffee one evening. He was telling me about a man he knew from his town.

Mr. Bull said, “He was an unemployed graduate. He searched for jobs but didn’t get one. He constantly whined that society didn’t know …

Bullock Cart – 2

Of All the Emotions…

Mr. Bull liked to travel by train. Before getting down from the train, he had the habit of scribbling out something that lingered in his mind for the entire journey. During one such journey, he was seated opposite to a couple who had been showing fussy faces. It seemed they had …

Bullock Cart – 1

The Teacher Who Liked to Ask Questions

While trying to know what true altruism is, I have been stuck so many times. A selfless act is considered never free of a selfish innuendo, as a cynic might put forward. A chain of implications will flow, and eventually infer that benevolent people seek their own happiness …