Bullock Cart – 2

Of All the Emotions…

Mr. Bull liked to travel by train. Before getting down from the train, he had the habit of scribbling out something that lingered in his mind for the entire journey. During one such journey, he was seated opposite to a couple who had been showing fussy faces. It seemed they had had a fight. After some silence, they started arguing.

“My mother is the best! When I was a kid, she used to tell me a story for every star on the sky I pointed to”, he said.

“Ha! My mother is the best! She used to walk with me to the bus stop with that proud look of ‘My little lady is going to school’, holding my arms around her hips”, she said.

“No, my mother is the best! She was the one who approached those kids to ask them about counting me in their playgroup when I badly wanted to be friends with them. She earned me friends.”

“Well, my mother is the greatest! She sat with me all night watching my most favorite movie for the thirteenth time, asking me to narrate her every last detail in that movie, once again,” she said.

“Oh! But my mother is the greatest! She prepared me the sweetest of sweets whenever I needed them and enjoyed watching me gulp them”.

“Nah! My mother is the greatest! She ate the sweets which I prepared for her, savoring every bit of it just to make me feel good”.

He wanted to end the argument.

So he said, “My mother is the greatest since she gave birth to me and as you know I am the greatest in the world”.

She leaned forward, and asked, “Do you love me?” holding his hands.

“Of course, I do love you”, he said with a smile.

“Then my mother is the greatest of all! She gave birth to the woman who is loved by the greatest in the world”.

Something struck Mr. Bull after watching them argue this. Before we even learnt what love is, we were being loved by someone in this world. A baby inside mother’s womb is sprinkled with love, isn’t it?

“To love is a great feeling, but to be loved is the greatest feeling”.

Scribbling this down on the cabin wall, Mr. Bull ended that particular journey.


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