Bullock Cart – 4


When Mr. Bull visited my home, he found me searching for something. It was just after I had my meal. He asked me if I was searching for a tranquil place to sleep in. But I said I was searching for a toothpick.

“I lost it, I need it badly”.

“What’s in a toothpick? You could always take another one from the pack”, he said.

“Well, then this toothpick will lose its purpose!”

“What’s its purpose?” he asked.

“To pick my tooth”, I said.

He disagreed and handed me over a new one.

“But then what’s the purpose of this new one”, I asked.

“To pick your tooth”.

“Then what about the lost one? I chose it to pick my tooth.”

“No, its purpose is to get lost”.



  1. cumincoriandercardamom | 29th Sep 10

    This is Brilliant! 🙂


  2. K Praveen | 29th Sep 10

    Thank you Viswa 🙂

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