Bullock Cart – 5

Create Your Own Mirror

I go into a changing room in a shop and find that the mirror reflects me differently with regard to shape, size, and texture – different from what the mirror at home reflects. In a changing room in another shop the mirror reflects me differently too – different from the other two. How many different mirrors? How many such different reflections? Which one do I consider the exact reflection of me?

I asked Mr. Bull, “If I love a person, will that person reflect ‘the exact me’?


“Why not?”

“If you love someone, it means you love them for the way they are. They can’t and shouldn’t reflect you.”

“Ok, what if they start aligning themselves to my thoughts and attributes having to reciprocate and withstand my love. Do they then reflect me?”

“Yes they will reflect you, but love may not be the cause. It means you have altered them to see yourself in them. It’s a stroke of narcissism inside you. You will end up loving yourself through them.”

“Then how can I get the reflection of ‘the exact me’?

“Create your own mirror. An idol will reflect the craftsman, a literary work will reflect a writer, a musical piece will reflect a musician, and likewise, you create something with love and passion, that creation will certainly reflect you. Those creations will be the mirror that you wish to look at for the rest of your life.”

There was a kid building a huge castle out of the beach sand.

“Now see, that’s a creation”, saying that Mr. Bull and I happily strolled along the seaside.


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