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Theatre History: October 2010


Her life was shaken worse after marriage. Her husband suspected her whatever she did and wherever she went. He would follow her all the time to make sure she never talked to anyone else. She started arguing with him for her rights and dismissed his lack of faith on her. Then he began physically abusing …

October 29, 2010
10: 42 PM


People knew him only as a dull person. Deep down, he was an interesting person. After his death he was sent to heaven. He presumed heaven would be interesting but it wasn’t so. People worked there too. In free time they sat idle. It was terribly saddening for him to be in heaven as he …

Growing up with Bicycles

There are certain things in life that makes you feel you are growing up. Learning to ride a bicycle is one of them. Bicycles have always been a fascination to me. They create the first mystery of our lives, don’t they? What do kids do when they see a bicycle? They want it. They don’t …


கதைக்குதாண்டா இந்த காரணம் லொட்டு லோசுகேல்லாம். நெஜ வாழ்க்கைக்கு காரணமும் கிடையாது தர்கமும் கிடையாது. There are no logics and reasons for real life.

~~~ Kattradhu Thamizh (2007)


While walking in the woods, a hunter stumbles upon a small plant that bears money instead of leaves. Initially, he guards the plant from animals eating it. Then he builds a house around it all by himself. As and when the new notes appear, he plucks and holds them secure. He accumulates a huge sum …