October 1, 2010
10: 23 PM

Bullock Cart – 7

Mr. Bull and I discussed the identity crisis. Sometimes people feel it’s too late to express their identity and so they have to search for someone who would accept that.

A little scenario here.

There was a man who liked to be famous. He worked hard and grew up to become a famous artist. One day he found that his fame created an image out of him. Since that day, he used to see that image standing beside him. It followed him wherever he went. He felt the image needed a shape. So he carved an idol out of that image and placed it under a tree. People, who walked by, admired the glamour of the idol. They showered money and glory. He decorated the idol. They showered more money and more glory. As he grew old, he became tired of the idol business. He felt he should have got all the credit that his idol had. He sat beside of the idol under the same tree. People ignored him and showered money and glory only on his idol. He tried to distract them but in vain. With an ominous rage, he broke the idol into pieces and left the place.

After a few days, he saw that the pieces of his idol were stuck back together by someone else with its glamour still intact. However, he saw a kid using that idol’s glamour now to earn for himself.



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