October 2, 2010
1: 05 PM

Bullock Cart – End

“Slow down, step like a baby”, Mr. Bull often said.

I have always imagined how a baby that walks for the first time, feels. A baby that has no memories yet, that has no visions for the future, that has no idea how harder its journey could be in life, is trying to make its first step. The next thing that occupies its mind is how to make the next step without tumbling. And when it tumbles, the next thing that occupies its mind is how to get up on its own and step ahead. And when it learns to make proper steps, it carries that as the inspiration to keep walking ahead in life.

The cart moves slowly carrying a load of thoughts with the bull as its driving force. The bull has always been a real inspiration for me as it shapes our path though there is no destined path for itself. But every journey needs an interlude. The bull, which has done all the hard labor, needs to rest for some time, to carry on the journey further. And of course, the price of hard labor is to rest at the end of the day thinking of how hard we worked to earn this rest.

So I wait.

I put the cart aside in shade and sit under a tree to enjoy the bliss of drinking fresh coconut water. I watch the bull dozing off into its own tranquility.


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