Her life was shaken worse after marriage. Her husband suspected her whatever she did and wherever she went. He would follow her all the time to make sure she never talked to anyone else. She started arguing with him for her rights and dismissed his lack of faith on her. Then he began physically abusing her, which even drove him to lock her inside the house for months together. She started feeling claustrophobic and decided to end this misery one day. While serving dinner, she was acting cheerful and concerned which was obviously odd to him. So he thrust a handful of rice into her mouth. She ate without the slightest of hesitation, which made him quite confident. Moments later, blood started dribbling down his mouth as he was convulsing badly to death. She stroked his hair and said, “Darling, you should have suspected me before you sipped tea this evening!”



  1. cumincoriandercardamom | 5th Nov 10

    I guessed !! very cliched, not something to expect from you..

  2. K Praveen | 5th Nov 10

    Hey, you guessed cuz you had read it on Ink already 🙂 You remember your reply for this then? 😛

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