2010 – Top 20 Tamil Songs >> 10 – 6

10. Pudhiya Manidha (Endhiran)
MD: AR Rahman
Singers: S. P. Balasubramaniam, A. R. Rahman, Khatija Rahman

The creator sings in praise of his creation. Has there been a song in Tamil cinema yet with such a premise? Almost none, I guess. However, on the contrary, we’ve heard so many songs where creations sing in praise of their creator; in praise of mother, in praise of God. Pudhiya Manidha is a song served by Rahman to SPB on a silver platter. And how! It’s like two giants getting together and saying, “Let’s play, shall we?” Vairamuthu’s lyric, simple yet effective, draws man’s stark contrast to machine. And the contrast is effortlessly rendered by SPB in two distinct pitches. I think there are only two things known for eternity – Markandeya’s life and SPB’s voice, former being just a fable.

Sensational stuff!!

9. Yaar Indha (Boss (A) Baskaran)
MD: Yuvan Shankar Raja
Singer: Haricharan

Simple songs always win our hearts easily, don’t they? This song is so soft on us. It holds our hands and takes us for a casual stroll through the woods where we don’t stop for directions. We don’t care what’s around us but only what’s within us. And we just go on and on and on. Haricharan, an impressive young talent, produces another solo hit like Unakkena Iruppen, Arabu Nade, which are my hot favorites too.

“Ennai paarkiraal edho ketkiraal engum irukiraal…”

Does the above line remind you of the tune in “Poochoodavum, paai podavum” from Devadhai pol oru song in Gopura Vasalile? 🙂

Mellifluous singing!

8. Aathadi (Ayyanar)
MD: Thaman
Singer: Naveen

I don’t love this song. I just fall in love with someone every time I hear this one. Carries such a wonderful aura throughout! If there is a song I could simply hug like a dear pillow and sway along, it is this spellbinding track from Thaman, in the enticing voice of Naveen. Apart from the catchy groove, this track has rhymed up really well to charm us with words like mayangurendi, norungurendi, engurendi, virumburendi. Two thumbs up!

Thaman, I’ll treasure this song for a long time to come!

7. Neela Vaanam (Manmadhan Ambu)
MD: Devi Sri Prasad
Singers: Kamalhassan, Priya Hemesh

My latest crush!

Sometimes when I think of how many Tamil singers, singing on occasional basis, are able to steer through high pitches nonchalantly. AR Rahman and Kamalhassan are the names that hit my mind right away. And all these years, Kamalhassan has had this habit of pitching in now and then and render some monumentally high-pitched songs such as Pottu vaitha kadhal thittam, Ram Ram, Alwarpettai aandava, Yaar yaar sivam, which had gone on to be massive hits. Of course they are so powerhouse in nature. But of all these years of singing, never have I heard him sing in such a deliriously romantic fashion. Neela Vaanam started growing on me like a wildflower, tying me down with its uncompromising valor. Music redeems us, they say. Sometimes, music can enslave us too. A standing applause for Kamalhassan and Devi Sri Prasad!


6. Hosanna (Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya)
MD: AR Rahman
Singers: Suzanne, Vijay Prakash, Blaaze

This song is not about the soothing flute that embraces the earnest lines, “Yen idhayam udaithai”, sung by Vijay Prakash. And it’s not about the peppy rap lines, “Everybody wanna know what I feel like”, rendered by Blaaze. And it’s also not about the prolonged crescendo that leads up the end. It’s all about Suzanne’s angelic humming that begins around 02:30 and immerses us into sheer bliss for 50 divine seconds. The visuals for that part are stunningly elegant! Every other slice of the song revolves around that mesmeric piece, which is more than enough for me to simply hold this song and celebrate.


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