2010 – Top 20 Tamil Songs >> 20 – 16

20. Vaama Dhuraiyamma (Madrasapattinam)
MD: GV Prakash Kumar
Singers: Udit Narayan

This song introduces the good old Madras to every Chennai lover. And the lyrics are so simple and fitting to the mood of the song that effortlessly breezes through the vintage landscape sets of Madrasapattinam. This song is all about an Englishwoman taking a cute little guided tour through the streets or, to say, a photowalk, wherein the protagonist sings in praise of the social, political, and cultural facets of the state, accompanied by some hilariously crude translations of the interpreter, played by Late veteran actor, Cochin Haneefa. Udit Narayan, though has done some serious damage to Tamil songs over the years with this pronunciations, stands tall this time with this sonorous voice, which sometimes seems so irreplaceable for a select type of songs.

Certainly packs a punch!

19. Kadavule (Kacheri Arambam)
MD: D Imman
Singers: Dr. Palash Sen

Right off the screws of ‘Kannalane‘ from Bombay, although it doesn’t match up with that quality. This Ghazal-styled groove is being used so extensively by composers these days as they become instant hits. Quite catchy to hear too! And I fell in love with this song the moment I heard it on radio while traveling by bus. The stretching and dragging of words to fit the tune do sound odd at first, but grow on you in a weird fashion.The interlude female humming is sheer beauty to say the least. Palash Sen adds a spicy flavor to the song with this voice, while Imman sticks to his favorite, overly used tune for the job. But that’s more than enough for this little track to get stashed right into the favorites. 

Draggingly beautiful!

18. Kuthiraiku Theriyum (Asal)
MD: Bhardwaj
Singers: Surmukhi, Sreecharan

How often do we get raunchy songs in Tamil albums these days? Ilayaraja was the master of the genre. However, this incredibly overlooked song from Asal (Tottadoing and Dushyantha being unfairly popular) has to be put right into the league of such songs, at least for the lyrical style. This song has a charm on its own, rapidly fueled by Surmukhi’s singing and an engaging rhythm. Though the rap lines in between act as a downer, her bold voice and crystal clear pronunciations rock it right back on track. Bhardwaj, for sure, reserves his best for Saran, doesn’t he? 

Stylish and raunchy!


17. Adada Mazhaida (Paiya)
MD: Yuvan Shankar Raja
Singers: Rahul Nambiar, Saindhavi

Two things are always considered to be Tamil Cinema’s age old success formula for producing hit songs – Train and Rain. Looking back, you will see almost all the train and rain songs have been colossal hits. Train songs use the train motion rhythm, which every single human being in the world likes, while rain songs score in picture. Everybody wants to dance in rain but no one does. Hence, the fantasy works in reel world. This track is perfect for any class trip where students go berserk with the beats. Yuvan settles with the percussion similar to that of “Vanamunna uyaram kaatu” and “Dhaavani potta deepavali”, which had worked wonders for him then. Packed with full of youth and exuberance, this is a gala dance number anytime, any day. 

Wanna dance???

16. Kadhal Vandhale (Singam)
MD: Devi Sri Prasad 
Singers Baba Sehgal, Priyadharshini

Kuthu song of the year, inarguably! The energy that this song generates is exceptional. DSP has a set of tunes which never fail him when it comes to producing blockbusters. This one is a classic example. And where did Baba Sehgal suddenly pop up from? Well, his pronunciation is good! So, saved!

Rocking! Everybody listen samba bumba rumba thumba!!!

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