2010 – Top 20 Tamil Songs >> Song of the Year


Idhu Varai (Goa)
MD: Yuvan Shankar Raja
Singers: Andrea, Ajeesh

The lover and the beloved? Or the beloved and the lover? Which order do you choose? Whichever you choose, there is only one lover and one beloved. I am the lover and this smitingly sexy piece of music is the beloved. Sometimes, when you love something, you’d want to be the only person in the whole wide world to love it. You have chosen it. Your ego won’t let it be chosen by others. You would even meet people and tell them ill about it so that they shy away from it. You protect it and you savor those moments it lay on your laps, playing to your frisky little desires. I’ve desperately wished to guard this song from other’s ears as I fell in love with it that way the first time I heard that Andrea’s throaty humming prelude. From there on, it just played to my soul, stirring it on and on and on. And I practically lived with this song for the entire year. I’ve woken up to his beats. Slept to it’s violin strings. Swerved with it’s curves. Been turned on by its imperfections. What else do you need but a great song to fall for? What a stylish little composition by Yuvan! Andrea and Ajeesh have added to the magic, indeed. Smitten. Totally.

Now, stay away from this! I own its beauty! 

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