2010 – Top 20 Tamil Songs

Music – they do come to our rescue at times, don’t they? For every possible mood that we get into like anger, joy, fear, love, hate, hurt, despair, frustration, relaxation, there is a song to reflect them. They are not just a part of life but a way of life. We hum a tune that we catch while listening to radio early morning. It just plays in loop in your mind all day, doesn’t it? That’s the power of a melody. We all maintain our own playlists that we want to show our friends for they shall know us through our music. It’s like it’s our life’s work. We call it our music. We are not the composers yet we go on to own it. And this is how we survive sometimes. We own music that reflects us and then defend them for eternity. Now, I feel like sharing my music from the films released this year. The following posts will carry a countdown of my favorite songs from 2010, which evidently is not going to be a technical dissection of these songs. It will merely reflect what I feel when I hear them. And closer the song to my heart higher the position in the order.

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