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Daily Archives: December 25, 2010

2010 – Top 20 Tamil Songs >> 20 – 16

20. Vaama Dhuraiyamma (Madrasapattinam)
MD: GV Prakash Kumar
Singers: Udit Narayan

This song introduces the good old Madras to every Chennai lover. And the lyrics are so simple and fitting to the mood of the song that effortlessly breezes through the vintage landscape sets of Madrasapattinam. This song is all about an

2010 – Top 20 Tamil Songs

Music – they do come to our rescue at times, don’t they? For every possible mood that we get into like anger, joy, fear, love, hate, hurt, despair, frustration, relaxation, there is a song to reflect them. They are not just a part of life but a way of life. We hum a tune that …