January 15, 2011
11: 49 PM

India’s 15 for World Cup 2011

This is my guess.

  1. Sachin (by default)
  2. Viru (hoping there is no injury almost mysteriously discovered just before the first match of the tournament)
  3. Gambhir (Can lead India when Dhoni, during the match proceedings, goes for an urgent photo shoot for his renewed contract with Mysore Sandal soap)
  4. Yuvi (Yeah! He got an unmistakable 53 today with SA at Jo’burg)
  5. Virat Kohli (Can be a really good spinner. Oh, I mean the no. of bat spins before the stance)
  6. Raina (C’mon he doesn’t have to climb on Indian tracks to play short balls)
  7. Rohit Sharma (Remember he was the awarded the best upcoming talent in IPL 2)
  8. Dhoni (Can anyone but Dhoni set records right at the toss of coin? Dhoni can also be useful in calling the players for motivational huddles in trying situations where he inspires them to discuss the laundry list of good looking girls from the crowd)
  9. Ashwin (Owing to the uncertainty over Ishant’s selection, we need a tall guy who can help lifting the cup for the photograph)
  10. Harbhajan (Could be sent down as opener just to imitate Sachin, you know, just to fool the opponents that Sachin can be so aggressive!)
  11. Zaheer Khan (Graeme Smith, here he comes! Rest of the world, please don’t worry.)
  12. Yusuf Pathan ( Need him when India will need 22 runs of 1 ball in the finals)
  13. Sreesanth ( The pitch leveler. Remember how he leveled the pitch after dismissing Hayden in the T20 WC Semifinal. Comic relief during serious periods of the game)
  14. Munaf Patel (Lightweight. Anything lite can improve performance)
  15. Ravindra Jadeja (Octopus Paul last words before his death – “Selectors can suffer from Lactose Intolerance Syndrome (means ‘Ha! No milk for you’) if Ravindra Jadeja is not picked for the WC team”)

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