January 30, 2011
12: 45 AM

Lisa (1989) – Review

At 14, we want it all and want it really fast. And Lisa is no exception.

Lisa, a naughty teenage girl, played by the incredibly cute Staci Keanan, and her best friend, always muse about cute guys they chance upon on the streets. They follow them and take pictures of them and then discuss fantasies during sleepovers. Their pastime is to note down cute guys’ car plate numbers to trace their phone numbers and make prank calls.

Lisa badly wants to go on a date just to experience the thrill of it. However, her single mother, played by Cheryl Ladd, wouldn’t approve of it. As a mother, she knows how Lisa could land in a whole set of problems she wouldn’t be emotionally ready to handle. But Lisa has secrets. She incurs a terrible crush over a guy she bumps into on the street and starts gathering details about him. What follows is a series of sexy, smooth-talking phone calls that she makes to him every night. This is where a girl’s crush meets a guy’s curiosity. But what if the guy is a psycho-stalker, who, in the town, is the mysterious killer in spree accredited with seven lady victims already. Now this is where a guy’s curiosity becomes obsession.

I remember the first time I watched this flick. It was in my early teens during one of those late night movie-watching sessions. Ah, how perfect was this! A teen thriller, with prank calls, puppy love and a dose of violence. I could easily relate to prank-calling as it was one of the favorite antics of teenagers from the 80’s and 90’s. In the current era, where we all communicate through cell phones, prank calls are of least significance because there is no such thing as the hidden identity of the caller. Where is the mystery if there is no hidden identity? Hence, the movie gets that double sexy charm.

Lisa is not one of those great movies you’ll die to watch. But if you chance upon it, NEVER MISS IT.

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