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Ennamo Edho

Movie: Ko
MD: Harris Jayaraj
Singer: Aalap Raju, Prashanthini, Sricharan, Emcee Jesz
Lyricist: Madhan Karky

For once, they released a real teaser for a movie. Snapshots of Ennamo Edho in the promo trailer soared all the expectations inside me. And when I heard the song for the first time, I couldn’t proceed after 60 seconds because I just kept hearing it over and over and over, shaking my head on autopilot.

“Yeno Kuviyamilla”
“Oho Uruvamilla”

So similar to “Angel Vandhaley” from Badri! Yet this one takes the cake just for the way the words fit the tune. And those silky smooth beats do no good but glue me in trance for hours together. In fact, I was so in love with these lines I have often fantasized that whenever someone went livid with me I would simply sing back, “Yeno”. Of course, with a serious face! And that whenever someone tried to educate me of something, I would widen my eyes, singing, “Oho”.

Madhan Karky announces his arrival to the world of song-writing with the catchword – Kuviyamilla (Out of focus), which probably marks the huge popularity of the song. Obviously, our generation with little knowledge in literary Tamil should have googled about it.

What’s so special about the song? It pulls the trick whenever you try to typify it either as a soft melody or a racy dance number. It just enchants you any day any time in its own way; a song for all moods. And who better than Harris Jayaraj to do it? Somehow he has this great ability of sneaking a mellifluous tone into all his racy numbers – “Uyirin Uyire” from Kaakha Kaakha for example. Though he depends on limited number of tunes, he never fails to produce chartbusters out of them. And in this case, he has hit some of the sweetest notes. Aalap Raju’s singing is impressive to the core but Prashanthini’s humming interludes render the actual beauty of the song.  Rap portions take the cue on a perfect note.

I love having this song in the beginning of my playlist. And make no mistake about it – I love having it at the end of the same playlist as well. You hear many songs for yourself. But there are some songs you die to project to others. You would like to know how they respond to it. You are totally proud to hear it along with them. And whenever Ennamo Edho plays on FM in my car, I turn the volume up and roll the windows down.  

My Anthem of the Year!


  1. Anonymous | 1st Jan 12

    very idiotic list…but still cant disagree with 1st place…otha sollalae should also be top 5….but the rest are rubbish

  2. K Praveen | 1st Jan 12

    Anon, probably you could post your idiotic list in your blog as well. And do not forget to give me the link 😉

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