Blue Valentine (2010)

Falling in love and falling out of love has rarely been portrayed as compelling and spontaneous as in Blue Valentine – a heartbreaking love story of Dean and Cindy glided by some awfully candid moments of love and disconnect in a relationship. The alternating between the timelines of their life together has been used to great effect to tell a potentially delicate story. They eye each other and feel that instant magic. Time goes by. They eye each other and feel that instant dispassion. The eyes are the same. But what they see is different. Is love immortal? Does it go all the way? Or would you be able to go beyond what it could possibly offer? Do you think your life is all figured out at any point? Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams have delivered the performances of their lives as they turn mere scenes into remarkable moments of euphoria, intimacy, inadequacy and frustration. The way she tap-dances on the street to his tunes, the way he says, ‘I love you like crazy’, grinning his teeth are snapshots that you will save forever. The appealing narrative may be imitable but the depths of the dejection attained through it will never be. Blue Valentine is a piece of art.

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