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Theatre History: April 2012

April 30, 2012
4: 02 AM

Gone Baby Gone (2007)

Ben Affleck can direct! Gone Baby Gone is a testament to his innate ability of presenting a sensitive case with an interesting premise yet delivering an unflinching narrative right till the end where you would find yourselves steering your thoughts towards things that are globally perceived to be right yet found so inappropriate in prudence. 

April 27, 2012
8: 50 PM

Transit (2012)

Transit begins to throb your nerves from the moment a small gang of armed robbers sneak their big loot into a wagon in which a troubled family of four are on a camping trip. You know you are in for a tense road thriller once their ploy becomes a success as they go past the

April 15, 2012
2: 33 AM

Palookaville (1995)

“Meet America’s least dangerous criminals”, says the tagline, and rightly so, about this brilliant offbeat comedy where three friends Jerry, Sid and Russ try to rob a jewelry shop in the middle of a night and end up drilling holes into a bakery. Oh, it’s a robbery gone truly wrong! But you don’t get the

April 9, 2012
11: 03 PM

One Hour Photo (2002)

Do we take pictures of things we want to forget? Do we ever wish to remind ourselves of the somber moments in our lives? Are photos capturing only the happy moments the true symbol of our lives?

One Hour Photo, a chilling masterpiece in every sense, picks the mind of a lonely man called Sy,