Argo (2012)

Escape Mission movies bank on two lethal things.

How suicidal is the escape route?

Do you really back the victims to escape?

Kaalapaani, Von Ryan’s Express, and The Great Escape are classics that epitomize your empathy for the escapees. Once the characters are introduced and the plot is set, you do not just understand their plight but scream and pump your fists and root for the escapees to cross that finishing line, which always is so near and yet so far. Argo rightfully falls in that league but on a truly spirited note.

Argo, based on a true mission carried out by CIA operatives in Iran, though dramatizes situations for screen-sake, blinds your eyes with fear after the initial riot, steams your heart with empathy as it unfolds, and lifts your spirit as end credits roll by. Ben Affleck, a sharp-witted director, quite evident from his previous ventures such as Gone Baby Gone, and Town, takes up an interesting case yet again and delivers not only an involving, tense film but a beautiful message in a bottle – Irrespective of who is right and who is not, saving a life is the duty of mankind.

Political musings and puns and racial stereotypes do exist in the form of humor but they wither away in the goodness of the underlying message that trickles through to your core eventually. Though it’s just a movie, who likes to see someone die ruthlessly? Not you. Not me. And definitely not the target audience – ‘viewers with eyes’ as quoted by John Chambers, who incidentally worked in “The Planet of the Apes”.


  1. Free Best Movies | 22nd Oct 12

    The movie shifts between locations of Iran, Hollywood and both the CIA Headquarters and even the White House in this brilliantly crafted adventure. In Argo 2012, Each scene and character oozes with atmosphere and purpose and Affleck confidently and flawlessly directs himself as the expected hero of the film – a man who risks his own life and career for the lives of six strangers.

  2. Aditya Kasavaraju | 2nd Nov 12

    Well written review. I didn't even this movie exists. Thanks for the info man! I liked the way you write reviews, not the usual type where people just describe the story. Good writing!

  3. K Praveen | 4th Nov 12

    Thanks Aditya 🙂

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