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Yearly Archives: 2013

Bound (1996)

  As far as crime thrillers go, Bound is a bit too erotic. As far as erotic thrillers go, Bound is a bit too mainstream.  As far as pure cinema goes, Bound is a bit too chic. And as far as entertaining cinema goes, Bound is a bit too top-notch. The movie…

Scenic Route (2013)

Scenic Route may not achieve that full catharsis through heated conversations, which spiral out between two friends stranded on a secluded desert highway but it certainly transcends the sophisticated boundaries that friends usually set for themselves. And during moments of dire conflicts, they lose sensitivity, and reverence for each other and merely…

August 31, 2013
4: 15 AM

Inspired Poetry

Robert Frost said, “Poetry is what gets lost in translation.”It’s a great truth. Translating poetry can even make you carve your own noose with the very rope that was used to create the original. The following song from the Tamil movie, Mythili Ennai Kaathali (1986) is an inspired poetry that…

August 14, 2013
1: 59 AM

Sinister (2012)

They say that nothing’s truly original. It’s the unique blend of cliches that makes something seem original. Sinister derives all tried and tested elements of horror and masterfully churns them into an intriguing yet shuddering ride into the darkly world of occult myths and soul cannibalism. For a movie that…

August 2, 2013
1: 19 AM

The Old Mill in Technicolor

Times were simpler. Colors were vivid. Creators envisioned things. I always wish I existed back then; the real times I may call; to have a firsthand experience of watching the magic of a true creation unfurl before my eyes. Sometimes, I feel I belong to an era in cinema that dissolves itself…