Bound (1996)


As far as crime thrillers go, Bound is a bit too erotic. As far as erotic thrillers go, Bound is a bit too mainstream.  As far as pure cinema goes, Bound is a bit too chic. And as far as entertaining cinema goes, Bound is a bit too top-notch.

The movie begins with scenes of sparkling allure hovering between two women in neighboring apartments. The walls are thin here. They could hear each other, feel more connected. It slowly builds up to a tiny sensuous episode, which makes them open up to each other. As one of them lives with a Mafioso launderer, they scheme against the mafia to swindle the mob money and elope. Well, the scheme does have to go wrong in action, doesn’t it? And it does. How the lovers respond to the turn of events is told with great ambition and immense excitement. There is no dearth of intensity during the cerebral interplay of all characters trying to deceive one another.

While Jennifer Tilly aptly portrays the agitated, circumspect mob girl, Gina Gershon, the tough ex-con who knows what it really takes to pull off a caper, performs the role with a mysterious calm and a subtle swagger. Joe Pantoliano playing Violet’s boyfriend provides the loudness in the movie with his hysterical action at times. Sometimes, normal situations even soar to high intensity with his maniacal expressions and they pay off quite well. The Wachowski Brothers deliver a beauty for the first time. And then comes the Matrix!

Bound will stay among the best of those which are easily missed.


  1. sumon | 21st Dec 13

    Bound really awesome movie.

  2. Anonymous | 7th Jan 14

    write something in ur blog:)
    i liked everything here:)

  3. Anonymous | 7th Jan 14

    i personally liked ur memories which i could relate to that:) wish to read more in that genre.

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