April 22, 2016
3: 16 AM

Hush (2016)

aAlong the lines of a few masterfully made Intruder thrillers like Funny Games, Panic Room comes Hush in a color much darker and with a fear more visceral in nature. If you had watched the opening scenes of Scream, in which Drew Barrymore’s character is stalked by an unknown caller over the phone, you’d feel an equivalent sense of dread here but for the entire movie.After having lost her ability to hear and speak, an elusive writer lives in the woods (conveniently set for psycho-stalkers, though) and works on her novel. Though the plot is a full blown cliché, the real intrigue here lies on how, after having trapped inside the house, she confronts the psychopath with her limitations and resources at hand.

The movie takes its own time to unfurl but that works to its advantage as it slowly immerses you into a sea of desperation only to realize in the end that you are actually drowning. As a film riding purely on the performances of the actors, Kate Siegel shines through as the lead. Her mind works out the survival techniques, her hands hold the weapons, her legs help her run to hiding places but it’s her eyes that tell the whole story.

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