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Song: Kaarkuzhal Kadavaiye
Movie: VadaChennai
Composer: Santhosh Narayanan
Singers: Sriram Parthasarathy, Vijaynarian, Ananthu, Pradeep Kumar, Santhosh Narayanan
Lyricist: Vivek

There aren’t many romantic melodies better than ‘Poovaasam Purapadum Penne’ from Anbe Sivam. Sriram Parthasarathy’s solemn attention to those subtle yet tougher variations elevated that song to one of the best of all times. ‘Kaarkuzhal Kadavaiye’ has brilliant fast-paced rhythms complementing his soft classical voice making it an intriguing listen. When the song picks up pace, it has the vibes of ‘Mellisiye’ from Mr. Romeo where the harmony of Tabla and electronic beats creates an electrifying listening experience. This track effectively uses the Flute and Tabla for the faster portions in the same fashion, which is quite rare in Tamil songs. Santhosh Narayanan alters the layam seamlessly between the chorus and solo portions. Vivek’s lyric is poetic and must feel nice that for those graceful Tamil words – ‘Kaarkuzhal Kadavaiye, Kaazhaga Vazhiyile’, the singer’s pronunciation is spot on. Overall, Santhosh Narayanan produces another fantastic soundtrack that will nudge the playlists of music lovers.

‘Kannaadi Koppai Yaazhiyil, Naan Kaimeeri Serntha Theyilai’ – gotta love the way it is written, tuned and sung!


  1. AA | 29th Dec 18

    Since you have mentioned mellisaye, do make a list of top 20 ARR songs of the 1990s. Am sure you will transport us back in time!

    • K Praveen | 31st Dec 18

      For sure. I have a separate playlist of 90s Rahman.

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