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Song: Potta Kaatil Poovasam
Movie: Pariyerum Perumal
Composer: Santhosh Narayanan
Singers: Yogi Sekar, Fareedha, Ananthu, Vijaynarain
Lyricist: Vivek

This song is a 7-minute wonder. I do not know which element is superior – whether the endearing tune or the lyrical beauty with all syllables in right proportions or the harmonious vocals or the refreshing ambience. Maybe everything is inseparably bonded for the greater element – love for music. Along the lines of Santhosh Narayanan’s previous venture – ‘Sirukki Vaasam’ from Kodi, ‘Potta Kaatil Poovasam’ is more streamlined and emotional. Though it’s basically a happy love song, there is no denying that it is ruled by some haunting overtones. The singers bring the song alive on various levels, especially Fareedha’s solo piece after the beautiful piano in the middle. The slight shiver in her voice reveals how she is conned and trapped by the mysticism of this relationship. Santhosh Narayanan is going from strength to strength as a composer.


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