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Song: Simtaangaran
Movie: Sarkar
Composer: AR Rahman
Singers: Bamba Bakya, Vipin Aneja, Aparna Narayanan
Lyricist: Vivek

In the long list of dance songs with meaningful lyrics and poetic beauty, ‘Simtaangaran’ gets direct blessings from its master predecessors such as ‘Oothikinne Kaduchukkavaa’, ‘Naa Salt Kottai’ and unfolds in its own mercurial fashion with touches of the Mozart of Madras. As one of the most disgusting songs on first hearings, Simtaangaran is now creating the exact opposite effect. What fun hearing this track! AR Rahman infuses a lot of variations in a song with very limited scope situation-wise. It is after all the usual ‘dappankuthu’ where the hero drunkenly dances with a bunch of strangers on the beach. When Bamba Bakya swirls his tongue in the opening lines with Nikkelu, Pickle-u, Makkaru, Kukkaru and sets the vibes straight away for a pulsating groove further, Rahman puts on a brake and brings in Aparna Narayanan for an absolutely enchanting couplet following a wildly entertaining humming that hiccups to completion with ‘Andharu pannikina…tha…inthaa…naa’. The second half following the brilliant Nadhaswaram interlude shifts the song into a populist mode with a grand ‘Adho Andha Paravai Pola’ style humming by Bamba Bakya. Then it again becomes racy when Vipin picks up at ‘Palti pakkura darla vudanum palthu’, although it sounds like he has a fish-bone stuck in his throat. An unusual yet intriguing dance song that’s wired with a variety of tempos.


  1. AA | 29th Dec 18

    This is such a catchy one! And you have expressed your change of heart towards this song very well 😁

    • K Praveen | 31st Dec 18

      Slow poison, definitely.

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