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Song: Kannamma
Movie: Kaala
Composer: Santhosh Narayanan
Singers : Pradeep Kumar, Dhee, Ananthu
Lyricist : Uma Devi

Santhosh Narayanan can sometimes be an ultra-minimalist just to prove a point to the crop of his contemporaries that tune is king and instruments are only here to serve. Kannamma is a gorgeous duet, rendered with so much soul and empathy by Pradeep Kumar. The song takes its own time to show its prowess as it keeps raising the bar by being sensitive to rekindled emotions of two mature people. Pradeep justifies by delivering select lines intensely like “Aagayam saavamal thoovanam yethu” but when he emotes “Kannamma”, he goes super delicate like stroking a pet during a lullaby – a clear exposition of the man’s soft corner for his lady-love. The highlight of the song is the use of the backing vocals by Ananthu and occasionally peeking flute pieces and how they play together as their own rhythm tuning us into a bittersweet mix of sadness and the excitement of seeing an estranged lover again. All said and done, when Dhee pitches in, the song sounds completely different and on a new plane. Her voice has the uncanny ability to put someone into a profound calmness or on the contrary to stir up someone into an emotional turmoil from deep down. A wonderful song from a thinking composer with his like-minded colleagues.


  1. AA | 29th Dec 18

    Happy to see that this song made it here. Soulful. Kudos to you for the well written article 👍🏻

    • K Praveen | 31st Dec 18

      Thanks! 👍🏻

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