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Song: Guleba
Movie: Gulaebaghavali
Composer: Vivek-Mervin
Singers: Anirudh Ravichander, Mervin Solomon
Lyricist: Ku. Karthik

An absolute riot this; Prabhu Deva sporting bright red shoes is not just peachy to watch but gets us right into the groove of celebrating free spirit. What can this man not do? He redefined choreography in Indian Cinema by bringing oddball humor and storytelling through dance movements and mercurial expressions; he liberated actors and actresses from dancing with deadpan faces and made them realize that dancing is also integral to tell a story or unleash character study. Though he was touted as a Michael Jackson clone in the beginning, he held his own and emerged as one of the finest creators in film industries.

As a teen from the 90s, I am grateful to the three icons – Sachin, AR Rahman and Prabhu Deva who revolutionized the way things were being originally done and opened the floodgates of hidden talents across the nation inspiring youth to dream of new and innovative careers in sports, music and cinema. Guleba is just a stunning dance number, which is nothing but a solemn tribute to Prabhu Deva’s contribution to Indian pop culture. Love the way Prabhu Deva expresses for the lines – Sikkalu Sikkalu Sikkalunakaa orama othikko ma. Closely related to one of my favorites – ‘Hey Penne’ from 123, Guleba is racier and more vibrant. Vivek-Mervin duo have created the perfect pitch for Anirudh, whose buoyant voice and ‘Madras Accent’ fit the song’s tone and spirit like a glove. He delivers a sweeping performance through his vocal throws and subtle modulations as SPB oftentimes does in songs. The song’s best portion is Prabhu Deva leading with a solo piece at about 1:53 until 2:08 when trumpet goes rampantly stylish – not a single living person in this planet can survive without dancing for this moment!


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