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Song: Thaabangale
Movie: 96
Composer: Govind Vasantha
Singers: Chinmayi, Pradeep Kumar
Lyricist: Uma Devi

“Thaabangale” evokes a genuine awakening to the beauty of longing. It romanticizes the borderline despair of estranged love with dignity and such grace. There’s an unreal sense of being in a paradise hosting only that couple who crave each other’s touch yet they wouldn’t. And there’s always this enigmatic burst of ecstasy when you hear a couple singing together; just the split second magic that unleashes when you hear that extended harmony of “Uyire Vaa” in “Nee Paartha Paarvaikkoru Nandri”. The voices of Chinmayi and Pradeep take this glorious song one level up. In duets, male and female portions usually keep alternating singing their perspectives separately while in Thaabangale, they also sing the same lines harmoniously striking the common ground so beautifully telling us they don’t feel differently from each other. Govind Vasantha as the composer arranges this wonderful harmony after that haunting momentary silence of “Aalabananai Thaana” . The singers have so much chemistry that at one point you feel that they don’t sing along but sing for each other. And what a mesmerizing 1-minute musical interlude from 1:50! This album is a cultural shock to the current crop of young composers searching for auto-tuned loops.


  1. AA | 31st Dec 18

    Both Pradeep and Chinmayee have done a great job here. 👍🏻

  2. K Praveen | 31st Dec 18

    Yes. Brilliant renditions!

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