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Song: Pullinangal
Movie: 2.0
Composer: AR Rahman
Singer: Bamba Bakya, A.R. Ameen, Suzanne D’Mello
Lyricist: Na. Muthukumar

Tamil songs have had a special place for Chittu Kuruvi over the years. When it hops and tweets by the window sill, and Sivaji Ganesan looks at it ecstatically and delicately calls out, “Ye Kuruvi…Chittu Kuruvi” punctuated by that delightful flute sound, it puts a smile on your face. ‘Pullinangal’ does the same for the entire song with those absorbingly woven words of Na. Muthukumar, the supremely talented writer who left us all in a hurry. He has made the greatest tribute to this cute little creature on behalf of Tamil Cinema. The unique brilliance in Pullinangal in Bakya’s presentation, in the style of Sufi Bamba, is almost not singing but reading out verses like a Tamil School teacher carrying emotions of pride and admiration for the bird kingdom in a deliberately mismatched background rhythm. It is to clearly make the listener focus more on the words as they are the fulcrum to this song. The song also begins with an enigmatic “Ta..ta..ta..ta” that is a wonderful imagination of how birds would hum themselves followed by that soulful humming by Suzanne in Rahman’s trademark notations. The best portion is the exquisite imagination in Na. Muthukumar lines, Siru kaalin mennadaiyil…Perum kolam pottu veippaai, rendered with such care in the boyish voice of AR Ameen, who reminds us of Rahman’s tryst with GV Prakash in the 90s. Pullinangal is purely a writer’s wonderful platform to pen a tribute that is a dwindling form of poetry in the current era. “Sel, Sel, Sel, Sel, Ellaigal Illai Sel Sel”, ironically, “Cell, Cell, Cell, Cell”, touted as the killer of birds in the movie. Great wordplay.


  1. AA | 30th Dec 18

    Great read 👍🏻

    • K Praveen | 31st Dec 18


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