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Song: Geedhaara Kiliye
Movie: Nimir
Composer: Darbuka Siva
Singer: Sathya Prakash
Lyricist: Mohan Raj

Beginning on such a beautiful classical note in the heavenly voice of Sathya Prakash, much like a playful duel with the shivering violin in the background, the song takes a stupendous twist with Keba’s outstanding guitar performance that restarts after the Pallavi at about the 1:30 mark for a riveting 30-second showdown. ‘Geedhaara Kiliye’ is a peppy tribute to Ilaiyaraja’s masterpiece – ‘Thalaiyai Kuniyum Thamaraiye’ only that it misses the magic of that infinitesimal delay between Thalaiyai…Kuniyum…Thamaraiye. Darbuka Siva never shies from breaking off the tempo and settle for a sweet piano interlude infusing mild western classical touches to a carnatic based raagam. The man’s got talent. Special mention to Sathya Prakash, who sounds like the younger and softer version of my favorite singer Harish Raghavendra. Darbuka Siva packs a punch in this neat and nonchalant track – the most unexpected favorite of the year!


  1. AA | 30th Dec 18

    This is a nice pleasant song. Glad to see it made it to your list.

    • K Praveen | 31st Dec 18

      Thanks! Love this song. Guitar portions are terrific.

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