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Caption: 1990s

April 15, 2012
2: 33 AM

Palookaville (1995)

“Meet America’s least dangerous criminals”, says the tagline, and rightly so, about this brilliant offbeat comedy where three friends Jerry, Sid and Russ try to rob a jewelry shop in the middle of a night and end up drilling holes into a bakery. Oh, it’s a robbery gone truly wrong! But you don’t get the

March 17, 2012
4: 15 AM

What’s Eating Gilbert Grape (1993)

Leonardo DiCaprio is a born artist! At the age of 19, his performance as the mentally ill Arnie Grape is truly astounding.  Rarely do supporting roles translate themselves as main roles during the course of a movie and Leonardo does it with such charisma.

What’s Eating Gilbert Grape is a laid-back family drama happening in

Not One Less (1999) – Review

If you want to travel right into the solitary classroom of a remote village in China and smell the chalk,

If you want to realize the extremely high degree of comfort with which you have been provided education throughout your life,

If you want to know that tattooing the arms, or embracing hippie culture, or

March 7, 2010
9: 03 PM

Cold Blooded (1995) – Review

Sometimes, you do not need extravagant cinema to entertain you. A simple tale, spun with some humor, can put a smile on your face as credits roll by.

Cold blooded, by the title, may appear to be a self indulgent violent tale that involves a psycho slashing throats of innocent people with motored chainsaws. But, …