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Caption: A Vembanad Weekend

A Vembanad Weekend – Part 5

Flute, Flowers and Elaneer

Though it wasn’t exactly an elusive, suited-up Bond and his girl steering their luxury yacht to a lakeshore in Venice backed by some chic sax music, our welcome was adorned with the native greatness of a mellifluous live flute, and refreshing serves of elaneer, and a fresh flower to each of

A Vembanad Weekend – Part 4

Half an hour into the drive, we were still worming through a clutter of fuming vehicles at a toll plaza on the state highway just within 5 km from the airport. Wet roads indicated it had rained lately and the driver made sure the car got an earthy makeover as he had to plunge it

A Vembanad Weekend – Part 3

The Kavanattinkara Conundrum

At first, the helper gazed at us without a blink. I thought he was in the state of mind receiving messages from his higher self; much like a sage who sleeps with his eyes open; a sleep so profound that any question from a visitor could be answered with a silent gaze

A Vembanad Weekend – Part 2

The airstair sounded fragile on each step as do those wobbly spiral staircases you’d find nestled in the dark corners of shady shoe stores. Unlike a large carrier in which a courtly hostess wearing passion-red lipstick would greet and point to your seat, this one had the do-it-yourself motif. A lean isle with 2×2 arrangements …

A Vembanad Weekend – Part 1

“Due to operational constraints, we have moved your reservation from the flight at 7:30 a.m. to the one at 10:30”, said the polite one from the helpline. 
“Oh but there was no prior notice! No messages or mails.”
“Sorry sir, as I mentioned, due to operational constraints, we have…”
“Yeah okay, okay, thanks a lot!”