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July 18, 2016
12: 42 AM

Tracks: Poetry through Perseverance

Tracks can monopolize your thoughts after a single viewing. Faraway in the depths of the Australian Outback, an expansive, uncouth terrain filled with dunes and red dust and fuming waterholes and sacred spaces and secluded settlements and solitary ruins and remains of dead animals crackling in the sandy winds like dried leaves, stands a woman …

August 22, 2015
1: 24 PM

Modern Romance (1981)

Albert Brooks is someone who could talk through an entire scene. Without a pause, he could tire you out with his repeated wallow on self-pity, cynicism and paranoia until you want to move over to the next scene only to realize you crave another edition of the same scene. You inherit the neuroticism from the

Bound (1996)


As far as crime thrillers go, Bound is a bit too erotic. As far as erotic thrillers go, Bound is a bit too mainstream.  As far as pure cinema goes, Bound is a bit too chic. And as far as entertaining cinema goes, Bound is a bit too top-notch.

The movie begins with scenes of

Flipped (2010)

“A girl like that doesn’t live next door to everyone”, says his grandfather. And that succinctly tells what the movie Flipped is all about. More than being a story in which Juli and Bryce narrate their viewpoints of the same events, it draws a beautiful portrait of a little girl who is resilient, mature, creative, …

Stadium Nuts (1972)

They don’t make ’em like this anymore! Or do they?

After a farcical adventure in Rookies Run Amok, a war parody by Les Charlots a.k.a. the “The Crazy Boys“, they come together to spend their vacation by camping near a village, which is preparing itself for the Olympic torch relay. There’s going