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Caption: Hiatus in Himachal

July 9, 2016
12: 40 AM

Hiatus in Himachal – Part 3

En route to Mahasu Peak, when I saw one of the horses raring wildly towards me, bucking and kicking in the nads of other ponies nearby, I turned and looked at my wife who saw the light go out in my eyes. I’d never wondered until then about the freight logistics in domestic passenger flights; whether there would be any scope for transporting a dedicated crate casket or the pieces of my mangled body wrapped in plastic would just be squeezed in the gaps between other bags. Full Reel…

June 30, 2016
11: 22 PM

Hiatus in Himachal – Part 2

When I logged in to do an online check-in for our flight to Chandigarh, I found that we were assigned the last two seats in front of the lavatory. Initially, I thought that MakeMyTrip had not selected our seats as it would have cost them a whopping 300 Rupees causing a dent in their quarterly results. But then I had this epiphany that it could have been done on purpose so as to give the customer the real “economy” experience. Full Reel…

June 29, 2016
8: 52 PM

Hiatus in Himachal – Part 1

With our car dangling at the tip of a cliff and a gaping void underneath, the voice command system would repeat, “You have arrived at your destination. Step out of the vehicle. You are now about to enter a happy place. Close your eyes and jump off into the valley of emptiness”. This voice could belong to one of those advanced audio commentary apps of psychic intelligence built with dark undertones. Before the vacation started, MakeMyTrip’s repeated reminders indicated that our true happiness lay in subscribing to an app called AudioCompass, an advanced audio tour guide. But who knows…