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Caption: Tamil Songs 2010

2010 – Top 20 Tamil Songs >> Song of the Year


Idhu Varai (Goa)
MD: Yuvan Shankar Raja
Singers: Andrea, Ajeesh

The lover and the beloved? Or the beloved and the lover? Which order do you choose? Whichever you choose, there is only one lover and one beloved. I am the lover and this smitingly sexy piece of music is the beloved. Sometimes, when you …

2010 – Top 20 Tamil Songs >> 5 – 2

5. Usure Pogudhey (Raavanan)
MD: AR Rahman
Singers: Karthik

Some songs creep into your heart. They could go out anytime too. But some songs begin from heart only. what do you say about them? They are very territorial. They just wouldn’t go away. And you are intoxicated forever. Usure Pogudhey sets the ambience dark at …

2010 – Top 20 Tamil Songs >> 10 – 6

10. Pudhiya Manidha (Endhiran)
MD: AR Rahman
Singers: S. P. Balasubramaniam, A. R. Rahman, Khatija Rahman

The creator sings in praise of his creation. Has there been a song in Tamil cinema yet with such a premise? Almost none, I guess. However, on the contrary, we’ve heard so many songs where creations sing in praise …

2010 – Top 20 Tamil Songs >> 15 – 11

15. Arima Arima (Endhiran)
MD: AR Rahman
Singers: Hariharan, Sadhana Sargam

“Adi kachai kaniye pandhi nadathu kattil ilai pottu”

Love the way Hariharan delivers the above line. Rahman and Hariharan, the dream duo, pair up after Sivaji (Vaaji Vaaji) to produce this gem that will erect your spine the moment it gets launched with those …

2010 – Top 20 Tamil Songs >> 20 – 16

20. Vaama Dhuraiyamma (Madrasapattinam)
MD: GV Prakash Kumar
Singers: Udit Narayan

This song introduces the good old Madras to every Chennai lover. And the lyrics are so simple and fitting to the mood of the song that effortlessly breezes through the vintage landscape sets of Madrasapattinam. This song is all about an