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Caption: Useless Observations

Useless Observations – 1

I think about such useless things, especially when I am facing serious deadlines at work. In all the Tamil movies involving AR Rahman-Manirathnam combo, there is at least one song in which the first two words of pallavi are the same. Is this a sentiment for the duo?

Roja – Chinna Chinna, Rukkumani Rukkumani, Thamizha


Here is the list of responses thrown by our tamil cinema viewers while coming out of the first day first show,

Super sir, padam soooper, super, super, super, first class fightu, songs weightu, hero acting super, heroine glamour super, shtyle pucca, climax stunt super, super, super, super, thaali sentiment super, amma sentiment soopero super, padam …