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The Video Cassette Collection – 3

Track: C’est dur dur d’être un bébé (It’s tough to be a baby)
Album: Pochette surprise
Year: 1992

Can you imagine that the singer Jordy Lemoine was just around 4 years old when this single was released! This video has to be the only one of its kind till date. It will …

October 30, 2009
12: 51 AM

The Video Cassette Collection – 2

Track: Ice Ice Baby
Album: To the Extreme 
Year: 1990

Yo V.I.P…Let’s kick it!

Snap your fingers…
Tap your foot…
And get on with this little beauty of a rap!

This classic hip hop styled video never gets me tired. I can watch this video in loops even today. Simply love …

October 29, 2009
12: 26 AM

The Video Cassette Collection – 1

Track: Didi
Album: Khaled
Year: 1992

The first song from that collection. This track was an absolute rage those days. I love this for the great colors used throughout. It was a whiff of fresh air when I first saw it. Check the beats that take off after a delay in the …

October 27, 2009
11: 37 PM

The Video Cassette Collection

The early 90’s were good old times for me. I was beginning to develop a taste on my own for music, movies and books. It was the time when the cable revolution (the STAR TV revolution) started rocking India as Doordarshan was pushed to the backseat. But one of the channels that spread the craze …