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Genre: Poetry

August 31, 2013
4: 15 AM

Inspired Poetry

Robert Frost said, “Poetry is what gets lost in translation.”It’s a great truth. Translating poetry can even make you carve your own noose with the very rope that was used to create the original.

The following song from the Tamil movie, Mythili Ennai Kaathali (1986) is an inspired poetry that gives you an irresistible temptation


Ferocious fangs of indifference
Delving into
Tender flesh of despised love
Kindling unto
Momentuous pangs of conscience …
December 5, 2010
11: 59 PM


You prickled my life,
Here and there,
To mark strikingly vivid checkpoints,
Where you could step at will,
And fetch blood oozing from those stained bins,
To polish your nails red;
The color you love,
The color that kindles you; empowers you
For deliberate annihilation of the soul seeking you.
But what comes of it?…


A half-minded man
Drinks from a bowl half-filled with poison
To be one with love.…

Lucid Dream

Every time I dream of

Transporters crushing against each other
Dropping the mystically treasured cocoon
That slowly but surely breaks into unidentifiable pieces
And then rapidly reforming itself into tiny odd shapes
Resembling potatoes with pony tails
Looking as fragile as bubbles ready to burst
On the touch of needle-nosed wizard’s uncompromising nails
Thus shooting