March 24, 2006
11: 30 PM

I, me and myself

I did nothing big…I found something big…

3 questions:-

1. Tell something proud and the sentence should contain the word ‘I’
I am the best writer in the world if there are no other writers in this world.

2. Tell something proud and the sentence should contain the word ‘me’…
Two …

March 19, 2006
10: 24 PM

Pattiyal – a post mortem

‘Pattiyal’ movie review

Amidst all bang-bang movies in 2005, ‘Arindhum Ariyamalum’ directed by Vishnuvardhan sprung up as a refresher. The movie was dealt differently and suprisingly it did pretty well in the box-office 2005. With all expectations of his next directorial venture, here comes ‘Pattiyal’ aka ‘List’…

Bharath(kadhal), Arya (ullam ketkume), Pooja (ullam ketkume) and

March 18, 2006
11: 53 PM

Lost Wind(ies)

Windies!!! Where is the wind???”

The Vintage 70’s…

If anyone could argue that today is the “Australian Era” in Cricket, I would argue that yesterday was indubitably the “Carribean Era“.

Demond Haynes, Clive Lloyd, Gordon Greenidge, Viv Richards, Joel Garner, Malcolm Marshall, Michael Holding, Andy Roberts, Gary Sobers —Ooooof!!!! …

March 15, 2006
11: 43 PM


The Star-Studded Throne?

I am a diplomat but surprisingly not a Politics buff. Maybe I am too afraid to know the uncouth nature of present day politics. Who knows?? I am the right candidate to rise as a successful politician.

Just going with the cliche ‘ My two cents” on politics:-

——–Its just a secret …

March 13, 2006
12: 02 AM

The Magic ‘ 872 ‘

A Roller Coaster ride..

Finally the ‘wanderers’ did it… It’s been a long wait since the 1999 World cup Semifinals when AUS pulled off a ripper. More than a victory, it’s just the true GUT feeling that made the South Africans rip through the intimidating 434 by Australia…

With the series levelled at 2-2 and …

March 8, 2006
10: 59 PM

Harris hunts stylishly

Vettaiyaadu Vilayaadu – music review

Kamalhassan – Jyothika – Gautham – Harris Jeyaraj

Stirs the expectation in every ‘2006 Tamil film fans’. Gautham with this stylish narration boasts his endeavor with Harris Jayaraj who painted lightening after the ‘Mesmerizing Minnale’ album in 2001. ‘Kaaka Kaaka’ decidedly the best (though I like ‘Samurai’ much more) in

March 7, 2006
10: 46 PM

Tie ‘not’

People hype more on the “three-knot-principle” in a Hindu Marriage. I meekly request somebody to throw some hype on this “single-knot” and “double-knot”
Yes its the Tie..The silk villain to every professional, the software professionals specially taken to consideration.
Whats with this tie???

My tie schedule on Mondays and Tuesdays is 6:55 a.m. to …

March 5, 2006
8: 53 PM

A Polanski Twist

Oliver Twist (2005)

—–A Roman Polanski film

I cursed myself. But why did I??
I was forced to study the Non-detail version of the “Oliver Twist” in high school as a part of English II paper which when I considered Charles Dickens as an author who wouldn’t amuse me forever. But the beauty of this …

March 4, 2006
7: 43 PM

An A.R Rahman starrer..

Godfather music review

I was in 5th standard. I never jumped into any arguments with anybody for which is good music and which is not..To be frank, I used to listen to old songs primarily and didnt have any big perspective on music.
The moment I heard the song “Chinna Chinna Aasai” in the movie …

March 4, 2006
6: 40 PM

Spamming myself

Success always occurs in private, and failure in full view

Hello e-v-e-r-y-b-o-d-y,

I have created this blog while I am unconscious..but I believe I do better things while I am unconscious. Hope it’s a success in full view..…